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Nature [userpic]

9 courses of fun!

September 17th, 2009 (12:07 pm)
current location: Dad's house
current song: Wicked Soundtrack (Original Broadway cast)


Well we finaly got to the kitchen, and while I was busily making the ice cream batter, Bec started on the shanks.

The house looked like somthing was on fire, we had a lovely misty fog on the cealing. I hope it clears soon, we dont want the whole house smelling of lamb shank....wait maybe we do :)

I'm just saying, I didn't actually burn anything - it's just the fat on the shanks makes everything a little hazy....yes that's it....

CHELSEA I hope the haze clears soon
BEC & CHELSEA SINGING "I can see clearly now the haze has gone"

12:12 The haze is mostly gone :) Bec is now on the vegetable soup, and I'm making white chocolate mousse.

CHELSEA: Bec where are those martini glasses you washed
BEC: On the drying rack. I would hand them to you but I'm chopping Celery.
CHELSEA: bec I thought you were chopping celery. You appear to be eating it.
BEC: It broke. I couldn't put it in the soup. Don't judge me.
Chelsea *Silently Judges*
BEC: Celery?
BEC: *gives Chelsea celery*
BEC: Ha ha!! Now you are just as awful as I, worse even - your piece was whole!!!

My Seperb majestic white chocolate raspberry mousses are in the fridge. They are amazing! and Bec says they tase ok too!

Bec is making the Cherry soup!!

and is not so great with the whole recipe thing....oh dear...it'll be ok - of course it will....I hope.

All the recipes keep asking for different types of red wine, but we only have one bottle to cover everything - and that's exactly what I (Bec) am  doing with it too - oh god!! I just added "a cup" of "dry red" to the cherry soup - which makes is smell kind of odd.... :-S remember people; SWEET cherry soup.

BEC: Oh wait, the smell, it's smelling sweeter now!!
CHELSEA: Excellent - I knew the internet would never steer us wrong

Washing up to date: x2 times.

So far so good - stand by for the next update :-)