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For the premier this film all of my friends and I decided to go as Quidditch players, just for something a little different (We have done all the main characters before, and many minor ones too!)

We all made our costumes separately, so we got a wide variety. I decided to go as a member of the Wigtown Wanderers (Otherwise know as the Cleavers!) Their colours are blood red and Silver.

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lemons of scorcery

Being a customer-Whats your Score?

Working in retail, there are some things that customers do that make me like them more or less. No matter how good the conversation is, how customers answer the 4 questions I ask in every transaction actually actively has an effect. I score them!

  1. How are you today?

    I always ask this. If you ignore it that’s a -1 on your score. If you reply with anything negative relating to the fact your working that day -2. If you say Good +1.

    If you ask me how I am in return +3

  2. Would you like a bag?

    Now I accept that sometimes you need a bag. Your arms are full, you are juggling six different, and awkwardly shaped packages or you plastic bag is straining under the pressure of all your other purchases. I'm happy to give you a bag in this case. +-0 HOWEVER! If you already have a mostly empty bag you could easily slip your purchase into you get a -1. If you have a trolley getting a bag is -1. If you tell me that you want the bag because you are going into another store and don't want to be accused of shop lifting -3. That's what the receipt I will give you is for! Bring your own bag +2

    All points that follow are under the assumption you hand me an eftpos/credit card.

  3. What account is that?

    This one I can't rationalise. Cheque or saving +1 Credit -1. Don't ask me. I have a credit card. I even occasionally use it. I just automatic have a dislike for people using credit. If you do chose credit however when I ask ...

  4. PIN or sign?

    Say pin. Seriously. It halves the time of the transaction, means I don’t have to find a pen, and saves paper. Pin +2 sign -3



Yes I may be crazy. It may not actually make a difference weather or not some random bookshop lady likes you or not. But seriously. Choose wisely when answering questions.



*Hungry Chelsea wakes and arises from the depths of her room in search of food*

*Chelsea plugs in toasted sandwich press maker thing*

*Chelsea slices cheese (possibly cuts her finger due to her eyes being half shut still)*

*Chelsea gets ham & butter*

*Chelsea Reaches into pantry for bread*

*Pulls out slice of bread (eyes still half closed)*

“What’s that smell?”


*gazes upon green slice of bread with HORROR!*

(seriously it was all green. Not just some green. All green. Like Shrek, but worse)

*throws out bread*

*looks in pantry for more... there is none*

*looks in fridge for more... there is none*

*gives up. Unplugs toaster thing. Sulks*

*starts checking email*


*Discovers Bread*

*makes sandwich*

*feels Sheepish*


Stack of books


I am often late. Many people are often late, but I could win awards for my lateness. Me being late is one of my superpowers, along with the ability to accrue astonishingly huge Library fines, and bake the best (I’m not exaggerating here) triple chocolate chip cookies in the world.

I don’t want to always be late, my father is always late which annoyed me greatly (I don’t feel I can be annoyed any more as I’m always late too). When mum and dad were first divorced Teneal and I would tell dad we needed to be somewhere 20-30 minutes earlier than we were due, so he would pick us up on time.

I think he knew though, because he was still always late.

I remember that in the first year of college I was always at school early enough to sit and chat. Once I had a car I would only arrive fifteen minutes early instead of half an hour, but I was still early. In my gap year I got to Dymocks ten minutes before work started, to chat to Brett, get a drink and all that stuff.

It was when I started Uni things started to go downhill. I was working two jobs (Dymocks three days a week, and Hogs Breath Cafe three or four nights) and cramming uni in part time. I was exhausted most of the time. I’m not quite sure how I managed, because I was also running my weekly dinners (which have fizzled out of existence now) and going to church every Sunday, and helping out with youth, and running a bible study as well.

With all this I was a pretty exhausted cookie, and I (for one of the first times in my life) didn’t like mornings. They were horrible! What do you mean I have to get up? It’s eight! I only got to bed at one! I can’t go to work! Urrrrrgggggghhhhh.

Conveniently I had just got a laptop (For busy important uni work -not at all for watching House and Supernatural at all hours)which, in my room provided a pleasant distraction for having to face the day -why yes Mr Howl (my first laptop was called Howl) I do want to watch the new NCIS. How thoughtful of you to ask! I’ll just watch the first... OH NO, I’M LATE! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

And then it become a habit. Now I don’t have half that crap on. Just uni, Dymocks, church youth and Tea... and pubquiz. No extra jobs, no bible studies, no dinners to organise. Yet I’m still often late.
Which is why I will never ever, ever put “punctual” on selection criteria.

(I may or may not be writing selection criteria for a shiny new job AS WE SPEAK...or type)

Cupcakes of doom

I made a video! Of me making cupcakes! It was for school.

And if you watch it you can learn how to make Chocolate mud cupcakes and whether or not you add cherry is up to you. If you do I suggest (from my experience of this highly scientific experiment) the glace cherries, but don't use home brand or anything, because they go crystallising and gross. Get a decent brand.
I also have a pie graph to back these claims up
Pie graph



I am back from the beach. But more impotantly:

Today I heald and read (and held) a newspaper (London Times) printed in 1794.

I kid you not!

Also I saw a first Edition of Animal Farm, also held a book from 1657, which was bound in Vellum.

nick &jamie cooking

9 courses of fun! Part the 2nd

2:15pm (4 1/4 hours to go!!)

Oh the drama!! So,
Chelsea went to start the ice-cream but she realised that she'd forgotten the beater for the ice-cream maker - a crucial part! Therefore we took a road trip!! A perfect time for last minute planning, and a progress check.

There are two courses cooking, another setting and one standing, that's four (mostly) done, another course only requires plating (it's a cheese platter) which leaves us with only four courses to worry about - as well as all the last minute-y bits, but they don't count.

We collected the beater from Chelsea's house, made a pit-stop for petrol - and the pump wouldn't work - I suspect it heard what a hurry we're in today and conspired with all of the red lights we needed to pass through in order to slow us down - but I could be paranoid....

We also stopped for slushies - totally essential!! Mmmm pinkalicious :-)

So current activities:

Chelsea is closely monitoring the ice-cream - she might be staring into the ice-cream maker with a concentration bordering in insane...and I am about to start examining strawberries - how exciting :-)

I was not bordering on insanity. I was just making sure nothing went wrong. *grin*
I also began making white chocolate baskets for the berry salad. The first layer of chocolate is done, so I just need to let it harden some.
Look Here is one of my mousse artworks

Next up I think I will get a start on the Vegtables that need chopping.

I should proabaly just check the icream first though..... :P

3:07. Its much thicker!


So now I have sorted the strawberries (into piles for the berry salad and picked the ones best suited for the cream filled surprises - or whatever Chelsea called them...), cut up the cauliflower for the main main, and the carrots too, so all that's left to do is steam them.

We're currently going through all the plates/glasses/cutlery and setting everything up - luckily we've made extensive (seriously!) lists, detailing the plates/cutlery needed for every course.

Also the ice-cream is now in the freezer - where Chelsea can no longer watch it obsessively :-P We taste tested it - delicious, delicious, delicious :-)


We've tasted the vegetable soup - it's so subtle and tasty - it's awesome :-) (well as awesome as a plain vege-broth soup can be for a couple of massive carnivores :-P

So far so good, but we're totally prepared for everything to go wrong in the next 2 and a bit hours :-S - why did we agree to this again?!?!?!

Watch this space for further updates :-)

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nick &jamie cooking

9 courses of fun!


Well we finaly got to the kitchen, and while I was busily making the ice cream batter, Bec started on the shanks.

The house looked like somthing was on fire, we had a lovely misty fog on the cealing. I hope it clears soon, we dont want the whole house smelling of lamb shank....wait maybe we do :)

I'm just saying, I didn't actually burn anything - it's just the fat on the shanks makes everything a little hazy....yes that's it....

CHELSEA I hope the haze clears soon
BEC & CHELSEA SINGING "I can see clearly now the haze has gone"

12:12 The haze is mostly gone :) Bec is now on the vegetable soup, and I'm making white chocolate mousse.

CHELSEA: Bec where are those martini glasses you washed
BEC: On the drying rack. I would hand them to you but I'm chopping Celery.
CHELSEA: bec I thought you were chopping celery. You appear to be eating it.
BEC: It broke. I couldn't put it in the soup. Don't judge me.
Chelsea *Silently Judges*
BEC: Celery?
BEC: *gives Chelsea celery*
BEC: Ha ha!! Now you are just as awful as I, worse even - your piece was whole!!!

My Seperb majestic white chocolate raspberry mousses are in the fridge. They are amazing! and Bec says they tase ok too!

Bec is making the Cherry soup!!

and is not so great with the whole recipe thing....oh'll be ok - of course it will....I hope.

All the recipes keep asking for different types of red wine, but we only have one bottle to cover everything - and that's exactly what I (Bec) am  doing with it too - oh god!! I just added "a cup" of "dry red" to the cherry soup - which makes is smell kind of odd.... :-S remember people; SWEET cherry soup.

BEC: Oh wait, the smell, it's smelling sweeter now!!
CHELSEA: Excellent - I knew the internet would never steer us wrong

Washing up to date: x2 times.

So far so good - stand by for the next update :-)

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