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9 courses of fun! Part the 2nd

September 17th, 2009 (02:12 pm)
current location: Dad's house
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2:15pm (4 1/4 hours to go!!)

Oh the drama!! So,
Chelsea went to start the ice-cream but she realised that she'd forgotten the beater for the ice-cream maker - a crucial part! Therefore we took a road trip!! A perfect time for last minute planning, and a progress check.

There are two courses cooking, another setting and one standing, that's four (mostly) done, another course only requires plating (it's a cheese platter) which leaves us with only four courses to worry about - as well as all the last minute-y bits, but they don't count.

We collected the beater from Chelsea's house, made a pit-stop for petrol - and the pump wouldn't work - I suspect it heard what a hurry we're in today and conspired with all of the red lights we needed to pass through in order to slow us down - but I could be paranoid....

We also stopped for slushies - totally essential!! Mmmm pinkalicious :-)

So current activities:

Chelsea is closely monitoring the ice-cream - she might be staring into the ice-cream maker with a concentration bordering in insane...and I am about to start examining strawberries - how exciting :-)

I was not bordering on insanity. I was just making sure nothing went wrong. *grin*
I also began making white chocolate baskets for the berry salad. The first layer of chocolate is done, so I just need to let it harden some.
Look Here is one of my mousse artworks

Next up I think I will get a start on the Vegtables that need chopping.

I should proabaly just check the icream first though..... :P

3:07. Its much thicker!


So now I have sorted the strawberries (into piles for the berry salad and picked the ones best suited for the cream filled surprises - or whatever Chelsea called them...), cut up the cauliflower for the main main, and the carrots too, so all that's left to do is steam them.

We're currently going through all the plates/glasses/cutlery and setting everything up - luckily we've made extensive (seriously!) lists, detailing the plates/cutlery needed for every course.

Also the ice-cream is now in the freezer - where Chelsea can no longer watch it obsessively :-P We taste tested it - delicious, delicious, delicious :-)


We've tasted the vegetable soup - it's so subtle and tasty - it's awesome :-) (well as awesome as a plain vege-broth soup can be for a couple of massive carnivores :-P

So far so good, but we're totally prepared for everything to go wrong in the next 2 and a bit hours :-S - why did we agree to this again?!?!?!

Watch this space for further updates :-)


Posted by: Erin Walsh (dark_pheonix)
Posted at: September 17th, 2009 09:28 pm (UTC)

Nine courses? Are ye MAAD!?

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